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Life challenges can be a Bridge To The Soul Life...

You may ask, "How is this acomplished?" One aspect of this can be when we are faced with no options to go in any direction. What happens then? Do we give up and just concede to no success in our life. Do we worry about it? Do we take our frustrations out on our close relatives and friends?

The above description very clearly describes a Human Being who has given away their Divine Rights and Inner Abilities. This is quite common in this world. This is also why so many Human Beings are taking out their frustration  on all of us.

What is the difference in a Person who is successful and one who is not. By success I am speaking about True Sastisfaction, not just Worldly Success. Many People appear succesful, yet will freely admit that they are not Fullfilled...

A Cosmically Successful Person is a Whole Human Being. One who has gotten in touch with their Inner Self. One who has realized their mission. One who has found their reason for Being.

Life Challenges are here to wake us up. They reflect what is before us and continually bring us to the place where we must examine ourselves and our way of life.

Contemplative Meditation helps to open one up to the Soul Life. The Inner World will assist if the chance is given.

Have you ever felt the Still Small Voice within? Have you ever felt a Longing for More Than Your Life Is Giving?

I'm pretty sure all of you have.



Exercise for connecting with the Inner World of Your Divine Self...

Please have a Pen and Paper handy.

Find a quiet place where you can have privacy.

Take a few deep breaths and on the last breath let out all the tension.

Focus on the Soul Center --- The Heart Chakra ---

Close your eyes and speak frankly to your SELF...

(Let this process happen as long or short as you wish and feel is necessary)


Do this exercise at least once a week.

You will recieve comfort.

Write your thoughts in a notebook and then put them away. Don't look at them for at least a month or two.

This process will be continued in another discourse...

Peace In Light

You are Divine...



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