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                                        MARCH 22, 2008                                        


Many people for the first time are seeing the Tibetan People and hearing their story. It is a situation that is unparralled in recent History. A country that has been under occupation since 1949. Please join me in the Invocation Below for the Peaceful Solution to the Tibetan Crisis...KZCRC9



Please do whatever you can to assist and join me now in this Invocation:


By ALL that Is We State: Tibet Is Free From Occupation and is a Self Governing, World Recognized Country! We call forth all Lords of Light & Love and all of THE SUPREME ASSEMBLY TO SEAL AND PROTECT TIBET AND ALL HER PEOPLE IN FREEDOM AND REFUGE...SO MOTE IT BE...IT IS DONE... ONE LIGHT***ONE LOVE*** NEW DAWN***

KZCRC9...Sodnam Chu Kyid...

Combined Mind projecting thought together has great power to Create and Heal. We are Divine and Unlimited. Let us work together for a beautiful world...


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Love and Light 






I will be boycotting products from China. They have proven to be unsafe anyways. I have not decided to do this just because of the above reference to Tibet, rather it is for the forward motion that many countries and peoples are working on now to balance our world so that all people have their daily needs met and have the guarantee of the right to a full and porsperous life free from outside oppression, including sharing the knowledge of our world, our Sacred Space and our self, giving ultimate respect to all of the above...


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Americans we can make our own products, Organic & Earth Friendly. They may take longer to create, and are a bit pricey now, but it will balance out with time and experience.  

With respect for all people, our environment, and our very Creative Spirit we can give example with the many other people worldwide on how to create a sustaianable, peaceful world. Let us be the Mystical country we were born to be. Our First Nation, the Native American is in the bloodline of so many Americans. Let us draw on all of our Heritage together to go forward in the future in a way that we can be truly proud of. Show the greatness of this country...

KZCRC9... To read more click on the link above: THE FUTURE AWAITS US

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