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Cosmic In Action


 Cosmic In Action


Everyday in life the Cosmic is in action. The Esoteric or the heavenly is active in the Exoteric or the earthly. This action happens within the Human Being as well as all of the Earth.

In these open times we hear all types of discussiion of Creating our Reality. How does this actually happen?  Some workshops teach Positive Affirmation, some Prayer, etc. etc.

These techniques work for many people. Their lives seem to change. They get rid of old Negative habits and self conscious actions and thoughts. Then their lives seem to take off. Doors open and the things they wanted to do seem to begin to actually manifest.

What then is the trigger for this action? Some would say it is self worth, some would say it letting go of past triggers, some would say it is good action brought forth by positive thought and word. All of these are good reasons for the change in the lives of people who have decided that Positive thought and affirmation will be thier watchword.

If we look at the situation Mystically we will see that by removing these negative actions the way has been opened for the Soul Essense within the Human Being to come forth and Direct the Vehicle. The body is our Holy Temple. Vibrations of differing rates create all that we see.

 Extra-sensory perceptions have become accepted in this day and age. It is common for many to talk about Psychic Faculties, Karma, Light Healing, Energy Perception, Astral Traveling, Crystolography and the myriad of subjects commonly discussed in many circles in the world.  Fifty years ago it was not accepted as science. Just an abnormality in a few people who where thought to be different. Understanding of the Self has Evolved.

The Essense of the Creative Cosmic Mind has been radiating in continuous circles since before time began. While those on this Planet Earth have become dense in their Vibrational Levels, the Cosmic Flow of Finer Vibrations has continued to flow, transmuting the energy of all that comes in contact. Our Soul Essense resonates with the Great Creative Cosmic Mind. Through this connection the Human Being has been slowly re-energized to achieve the Finer Higher Vibrational Rate of Emanation. This has resulted in the slow release of the Soul into the Life of the People on Earth.

The so-called Fall of Man is nothing more than a full emersion in the Earthly Vibrational Rate. This rate of Vibrations is less refined and more dense. The Human Being has become the Worker of the Earth.

At this juncture the Low Dense Vibration of the Earthly Stuck Being and The Divine Human Being are at odds. This is causing many conflicts in this world. Inside the Human Being and On the earth. The Eternal is cleansing that which should be Eternal.

The Human Being has been given Dominion over this Planet. Do you think this is just a happenstance? One who is given Dominion over an entire Planet has to be more than just a step on the Evolutionary Ladder.

That is the lesson...   Once a person realizes that they are more than just bones and blood and a physical body, they can become what they are. A Divine Cosmic Creator capable of true Creation and Genuine Unconditional Love. Mystically, all Human Beings are growing. The Vibrational Levels are being sped up and the Gross Dense Vibrations are falling away. This may not seem to be apparent since we are seeing much opposition, yet it is what is happening. Growth is built in... The veils of ignorance are being removed little by little. As the Vibrations within the Human Being and the Planet speed up, the Higher Levels of the Cosmic Universe are available to the People and the understanding is growing.

Please, do let go of old pain, Please, do let go of Old Anger, Please, do let go of Old Thoughts. Please, do let go of Old Negative Habits and Please find the Love inside your Being...  Focus on the good you see...  Meditate to see the Soul Essense you are.


Science is mirroring the Mystery Schools at this stage. The more we explore out into the galaxy, the more we find exactly what the Ancient Mystery Schools have taught for Millenium.  The answers are in the Center of Your Divine Being...

Allow your True heart to Speak...  I am sure that at one time or another in your life you have asked the questions of Why are we here? What is our true purpose? Surely it is for more than war or toiling in the earth until we die. The old saying goes: You can't take it with you.

So what is the purpose of constant accumulation of earthly Wealth? To live a good life for about 70 or so years. By the time you get it you are too old to have fun with it. Then what?

If you have not examined the Esoteric World of the Soul you will be facing an Unknown World that faces you at the Transition called Death.

Give your SOUL a CHANCE...    Perhaps it will be your best friend. After all we come here to this world by ourself and we leave by ourself. Self is the key word.

I will leave you with the word of the Ancient Temple at Delphi:  The Ancient Mystic Lesson.

                                                     KNOW  THYSELF

Peace In Light


Shining Light Are We




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