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December 31, 2003

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This website has begun on this day. It is dedicated to revelation.

The disemination of the knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries has traditionally been cared for in Temples Dedicated to such matters.

Those who have kept a candle in the window have lit the way for many a traveler. This dedication gives to the light bearer immense growth and for the traveler is a very welcome sight.

During the New Age of Revelation and Rememberance many are recalling Universal knowledge of a dimensional nature.

Some of this may be conjecture, illusion or embellishment, yet a portion of it is unparralled in the conceptions and transmission of knowledge for the good of all. New Age transmission combined with expansive Universal concepts, shared over time, with society at large, has contributed to the evolution of the Soul. We have come to a point where understanding is possible.

In the New Age some may channel or imagine; some may meditate or contemplate;some may experience heaven and earth.

Some may be longing for a better world.

Some may be ET events witnessed by the Earth Population.

Some are remembering Universal Law they have carried in all lives. They are the quiet giver, the ones who give a confidence. Many are contributing to the advancement of Universal Knowledge. Some study ancient knowledge, some channel messages of knowledge, some channel messages of doom.

At any rate, everybody is doing something.

"When I give, all are happy. When I recieve I am blessed. This is for us all."

People are waking up. As they are waking up the old guard is striving to block Divinity speaking. What a futile mission.Suffering has been turned into a classic, noble act. Through this action the time of opening has been secured. No true power will ever be dedicated to destruction. The false illusion being passed around will disolve.Those suffering will be brought forth to show how they walked through the suffering. It is truly a strong experience. The only question is: Was any Sacred Energy used for destruction?

Did one's ego become enlarged? The Study of the Soul is indeed powerful. Possesing free will, Human Beings have a responsibility to take care. How does our free will act when we become full with power from knowledge? What happens when the ego is not yet in balance with the Soul, yet intellectual knowledge relating to powerful Creation Practices is realized?

When the original purpose of studying the Ancient Mysteries, Soul Work, is lost, in it's place totalatarianism becomes the rule of the day. This egotistical motion is infused with applied power from the study that began as a step to the Inner world, where the student seeks the balance and harmony of the Soul. All students do not let the ego rest and the student is lost and in possession of powerful skills unchecked and guided by intellect, rather than Divine Mind.

Clear your table of all but the Sweet scent of the Rose, accompanied by the crystal energy of your Soul. It will guard you day and night...

Harmonic convergence is here. In the early 30's I believe, The Tibetan predicted the people will be brought together through war, (All over the world people live in new countries due to war); Energy healing will be common, (Many will heal by accident) ; dimensional walls will disolve before our eyes; We will be able to see into dimensions different than our own. These events are now happening. This one known as The Tibetan channelled Alice Bailey to author Esoteric Treatises.

I am sure that every thinking person can see that the borders that separate us from our family are not real, and cause many problems in our world.This may sound simplistic, considering the level of politics built around borders and separation of family. The Human Family is one family. We share common genes. We share common goals; we live, breathe, eat, and use all faculties of emotion, intelligence, physical ability, and psychic ability. We seek expansion, we question existence, and we seek Peace Profound; the inner understanding of our existence...

We seek the true inner sense that we have a place in the Universe that is truly beyond the small issues of any planet or realm. WE SEEK OUR DIVINITY. We know it and we feel it!!!

All People of Light come forth now. Show the people the truth. Let all who are lost in power and war be freed by the power of their Immortal Soul...AMAN

It can be claimed by many groups that the knowledge thay are caring for must be preserved for another age. It has been shown in clear ways that knowledge is bursting forth from the minds and Souls of the People. Let us bring it all together. Let all people accept their beginnings on Earth in the regions of the world of the equator and south. Whether we are ET, African, or any of the many combinations of Human Beings on this planet we are Sisters and Brothers. Many are the concepts that are floating around this planet. Why? Much has been witnessed on this planet that is not explained by ordinary means. We are like a Star Trek or a matrix movie. Ever notice how your local programing shows you new things, just before they arrive on the world scene as a newly noticed reality. Can it get any more stupid? Just how stupid can we be? This world is an illusion created by those who know how to control their thoughts; and the thoughts of the populace of all countries. This is done through the medium of tradition first and now the media. Join the real world.

Trust in your ability to understand that we are for growth and we have suffered. It is time to call on our Universal right to a free and full life with prosperity of mind, that we project to all, filled with Love. Every act must be one of "Peace". How else will we get it right? The War-border system has not led us to Paradise. We are slaves of the system we created ourselves. Free thinkers of all ages have warned of this day. We may not take credit for putting this system in operation, but we have not held in mind the "Blessings for our neighbors". We have bought into separation of ourselves from the people and our self from the Universe. The dark ages have come and gone, and still we are as dumb as ever. We still believe in countries separated from each other. Earth is like a dysfunctional family, with a serious sadistic twist. In the end we all try to save each other or live in denial for eternity; or until we pass from this world, finding bliss in ignorance.

We are our "peoples keeper". Intellectual bantering about who is right is killing us all. Constantly, oppositional thoughts are projected into the Universal ether to produce manifestations of darkness.

The new age of Light is creating a platform for moving beyond mass media thinking. The Ancient Mystical, Spiritual and Metaphysical Communities have given quietly for many millennium. Each time we reach the top of the "Cycle" we can move into a more open understanding of our reality.

Each time a mind opens to a new thought that was not molded by those of narrow minded thoughts a Cosmic bell rings and The Music of The Spheres becomes more complete.

It is about Harmony. It is about understanding. It is about grace for one another. Let one who is without error be the judge for others. Just try to feel each other, or at least be open to what another thinks.

This is what the Ancient/New Age offers. Fantastic concepts, age old knowledge that have never been put into mainstream thought have been brought out by the New Age Community to be examined by us all. How long has this Sacred Knowledge been HIDDEN???

As I stated before, many facets of cleansing are happening in our world and much is experimental. Is it not experimental when a baby walks? He has only the faith of his parents to tell him to get up and walk. Then he does. What a sight! To me the New age is just that. A new baby of the Universe. So don't think it is so strange. It may be just learning...

God bless you all. Keep your thoughts pure and full with Love...





Shining Light Are We




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