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I have had the rare occasion to be in the presence of the Dalai Lama, known to the Tibetans lovingly as "His Holliness, The Wish Fullfilling Jem"

I recieved at this time the Medicine Buddha Empowerment. It is a Ritual where you recieve the energy of the Medicine Buddha which frees one from the many negative conditions accumulated in this realm. Based on the law of causes Buddhism speaks of the many causes we have created throughout time and the effect of these causes. The Dharma, meaning the Teachings of the Buddha can clear away these false energies created by the causes of the world and her people. It is a very profound energy that is created during any Buddhist Empowerment and this one was especially beautiful. Since this time I have recieved many more through a wonderful Teacher who is here from Tibet: Tulku Orgyan Zangpo Rinpoche, which whom I have taken refuge. Sodnam Chu Kyid, The Joy of Virtuous Dharma was the name given to me at that time.


'It is my Petition that all who wish to study Buddhism Worldwide be allowed to do so in Freedom...

This link here is a very poignant video to let you see the real situation in TIBET:'



http://www.compassionfellowship.org/ This link is to The website of this rare Teacher, who we just call Rinpoche...

To take Refuge one agrees to good moral character and to take Refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma/Teachings and the Sangha/the community. The peacefulness of the Tibetan People is unparralled. I have listened to the Dalai Lama and he has promoted NON VIOLENCE during my lifetime with regards to Tibet. Never has he failed in his vows to the Buddha, the Dharma or the Community. The people of Tibet are suffering and as they suffer so does His Holliness, still he promotes the use of the Principles of the Buddha, rather than violence to achieve freedom for Tibet. He has officially asked for assistance from the World Leaders.

Tibet was officially annexed to China through force. As I was being born Tibet was being conquered. I have always heard that Tibet was occupied in 1949 but to my surprise I have just discovered that the final blow to Tibetan autonomy was 1951. On a website I just accessed, the story is told.

I have always felt the energy of Buddhism and the Buddha, but did not begin any type of study until the last few years. I longed to go to Tibet but never had the opportunity. Tibet has come to me. The number of Teachers here in America is rising. I would rather have gone to see Tibet without an outside occupation, and would not have been sad had I not gotten there in this life, but as we know Tibet has suffered and through their suffering we have recieved the Dharma they so lovingly have cared for. They have kept the Teachings Sacred and Clear of other influences. Let us give thanks for the blessings we have recieved and give in any way we can to help others. Read below for the official account of the Annexation of Tibet...



The above link is the official website of Tibet, a Government in Exile...The Tibetan People need our assistance. 

 Dalai Lama's site: www.dalailama.com

 Bay Area Groupwww.sfteamtibet.org


Love and Light

One Light One Love New Dawn

Sodnam Chu Kyid.... KZCRC9


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