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The People and The Planet

 October 31, 2004

What is more important than the People and the Animals recieving their Divine Gifts daily from Our Mother? Only Our Mother recieving her Divine Gifts from the People and Animals.

Of course The Earth Cycle will Divinely work. The Stars will shine, the Trees and Flowers will produce. The elements work according to Universal Law. They will go on as long as possible.

There is one problem. Bombs are being dropped on the People, animals and the Planet. People are sending out waves of distressful energy. Suffering is increasing. The Animals are hurting, The Earth is Crying. The upset weather, with an intensity that we are seeing worldwide, is the direct result, first of all, of all the weapons being discharged on the planet and then the resulting pain and hate being PROJECTED FROM THOSE SUFFERING!!! As well the ones creating pain are stirring up INTENSE DARK PROJECTIONS. There is a lot of madness going around.

Peace In Light 




Take care not to give in to emotions of darkness.

  • If you think you know what is really going on, please consult more than one source to see the reality.
  • Educational TV that shows documentary has more of what is really going on and shows the real result of destruction on the people.
  • We must remember that Bhagdad and several other cities in Iraq were bombed daily at the outset of the war. Imagine the horror. Afghanastan as well.
  • We in the Western World are seeing this on Prime Time as if it is a VIDEO GAME!!!  It is not that. Families are burying their loved ones. Families buried their loved ones at Ground Zero, on September 11, 2001. War is Hell... Conflicts have raged on for Centuries and then some. It is killing us all.
  • The people caught in the middle of this are all of us.
  • The soldiers are even complaining. It is not how they thought it would be.
  • Do you think it is just a Predetermined Destinity?
  • Do you feel Happy and Contented?
  • Think of all the people involved.
  • How do you feel now?
  • Confused, full with pain or anger.
  • Well, we have been feeling all these emotions since this conflict began.We are at critical mass.
  • What then can we do?
  • Many are speaking their mind.
  • Many are sending Love and Prayer to the whole world.
  • Let us unite in Thoughts of Harmony.
  • Let us think KINDLY of all people.
  • Just think if you share a smile or a kind thought for people you meet.
  • See the Peace Prevailing. Do not accept killing indiscriminately to fill a DOGMA OR FEAR BASED REALITY.
  • What I am saying is that we can say that all is well with us and create a beautiful reality around us. This is very good. If we can create the good reality for ourselves then why can not we create a beautiful reality for all on earth. WHAT WILL THAT REALLY TAKE TO CREATE?

Peace In Light



Do you think that our Soul can help us. What if we really asked ourselves, "What can we do?"

This may be a lot to ask, considering the system we all live under, but I firmly believe all is directed by "THOUGHT"...

We are all taught to be independent, whether we are separate from the world as a family or an individual. In many parts of this world, separation is fostered. This may be fine. It may not be fine if it turns out to be true that we all are connected Spiritually and telepathically. What if it turns out that we are all EMPATHIC  and don't know it?

I present this line of thought as I do not presume what other people feel and think. This is for food to grow. Whatever you all are thinking this war has really drawn the lines. This situation has been ongoing for the people suffering for too long. Then so many other countries are still going through similar forms of aggresive violence in their world.

I am not political, just Empathic for all people.

If you find your Empathy you will feel their pain as your own. This may sound strong but it will at least help you to think of others as important as you think of yourself...  This is a Divine Gift we all have...

Peace In Light


In America we have a large group of people searching for their Spiritual Self. I have noticed, after visiting with many groups, that separation by Ethnicity is prevalent in many cases with Spiritual Groups.

Also Politics and separate agendas within the groups are strong. Everybody is feeling the negativity...

Believe in people. Trust is very precarious these days but we have to get to the place where we see each other as "DIVINE GIFTS FROM THE UNIVERSAL CREATION.

You do not have to go out into the world completely open to be taken advantage of but we can try not to judge people by their outside apearance. Just please accept that no matter what different beliefs, different cultures may have, essentially all want to just "Live"... As well many people in all countries have suffered greatly. These scars are hard to lift off of oneselves. We can help by having understanding and Love for all. We may not be able to help directly but if we see the reality of another it helps us to grow... At some point we will find a way to be of small or large assistance, while living our life. When we see people we see "GOD"...

The old saying: "You cannot judge a book by it's cover " has all ways proven to be true. If we hone our skills of our "Inner Self" we can see more clearly and less jaded, while still maintaing our integrity and "Soul Position"...

Through "Inner Meditation" we can feel more complete and perhaps find a way to do some good for our fellow "Beings and Earth"...

I have brought this subject up as we are now at a crossroads.

Contemplate on this and send Thoughts of Peace and Light to all... It doesn't "Cost A Penny"... and it does a "Great Service"...

Peace In Light




 Please do whatever you can to promote World Peace. I started this website in 2003, now in October 2006 our world is still locked in deadly battle... It is in all our interests to contribute to equality for all and peaceful understanding...



Shining Light Are We


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