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Conscious Thought


It is my pleasure to share with all of you these few thoughts for contemplation.

In embarking on this enterprise I will be learning about the technology at our disposal.

                           The Information age.

I will be offering knowledge to assist people in engaging with their Inner Self. In doing my small part in this way perhaps a few or many will come this way.

Today we have so much information at our disposal that we can get glutted, yet I believe that there is a sea of humanity awaiting the entire package.

People are seeking constantly to see the purpose of life and their own purpose. ONE Thing I know in the true sense is that we all have a purpose. Everyone is important!!!

                            Have Sweet Dreams



Each time you visit this site you will encounter more to contemplate.

As we grow in life so shall this site grow...

The more we learn the less we know. Exploration within is the greatest journey we can embark on... Beyond Light Infinite Thought...

                                                                                Peace In Light




~ Life Challenge ~

Everyday of this life people are presented with many different situations. Some of these situations are seeming inconsequential. Some of these situations are quite strong and noticeably affect our life. Throughout each day hundreds of decisions are made by people. Individually and collectectively.

Do you think that people weigh the real consequences of their active decisions?

Do you think people make decisions by a predisposed habit, built up by their experiences in this life?

Do you even consider this? Do you make decisions inpulsively?

The above questions are to make people think. Since we are faced with many challenges each day, our actions could be very important to our life and others.

We are born into an Intelectual, Emotional, Physical World. In many families and communities the above three aspects of life are given precedence.

On days people go to Church or Temple or Spiritual Groups then people may think about their Inner Self and their Soul Life. Do most really bring any of the Inner Life out with them? Is there any real validation in Society for one to bring their Inner Soul Life into this World?

Added to this is the fact that most of the major religions tend to teach fear of God and judgement of one's behavior.

If one wishes to reach into their Inner Core, The Soul, all of the preconcieved ideas given to people through the established order may override the True Inner World.

This is a thought for you to contemplate. This is not to state that the Intellectual, Emotional, and Physical do not have a great bearing on our existence, only that there is another way that has unlimited action, based on Harmony and Light.

We will continue this discourse at a later time...






Shining Light Are We


As promised the above discourse has been expanded upon. I must apologize that it has taken me such a long time to do so. As you have Life Challenges, so do I. If this discourse has been relevant and you wish to continue click on the link below...



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