July 6, 2015 @ 10:20 PM

Community Action


The most rewarding growth opportunity is Community!

To kick off Infinite Thought's Community Action we Present a Woman involved in Community Action since the age of 16!

Say Hello and Thank You to





Mjiba has worked her way through College, while continually giving a smile that could light up the night or bring the sun to shine on a cloudy day... She had the same challenges as everyone else but had a way of just moving through or around that which seemed to be attempting to slow her progression to her life mission. Still that smile for life continued to lead the way...



She is an example of Community Action.  Her smile included the gift of helping others in a direct and useful way. A smile from the Heart always brings the Mind, Hands and Feet to action for the Good Of All...   Her community work ranged from tutoring high schoolers to helping others with their life issues to hosting Active events to better the lives of others... She truly is a Life Mentor...

At this time we are going to help Mjiba to continue her life work: A Go Fund Me Page has been set up on her behalf so that she can continue her work... With short notice Mjiba was accepted at University Of Ghana to begin as Fellow & Researcher...

Mjiba's research & dissertation at Howard University is on Kwame Nkrumah, who was the first President of Ghana, Africa. To sum up Kwame Nkrumah's life we could say his mission was to free all Ghanaians from oppression, and bring education & meaningful work for all.

In  other words a offering from the Heart for all to meet their mission in life...

Mjiba has continued to resound his message while actively creating through her life mission, the freedom and opportunity for others to begin their life mission and create harmonious life for themselves and all others they meet in life.      

Thank You Mjiba for being a source of Community Action  in this life...We support you!


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